Saturday, July 14, 2012

Some pictures from Berlin!

Hi guys! 

I've just added some photos from Berlin. The photos you can see on the fanpage of my blog on Facebook. In the capital of Germany I have been in last year. It was the second day of Polskibus in Poland and I have paid for return bus ticket to Berlin 40zł (less than 10 euro). 

I really enjoyed my stay there. Lots of friends told me that Berlin is beautifull and I have to say that it's true. It's very modern city with amazing train station - I have never seen better train station than this one in Berlin. Public transport is also very good and it's not very expensive, it's cheaper than in Paris for example. I'm sure I will come back to Berlin again in the future because there is really many interesting places to visit. I haven't been on top of television tower (Fernsehturm) and I have to go there!

And you, have you ever been in Berlin? What do you think about the capital of Germany?

The photos from Berlin you can find on my Facebook fanpage:

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