Monday, May 21, 2012

Low-cost flights from Norway to Poland! Discover Poland!

I know that some Norwegians read my blog and also some Polish people who lives in Norway so I decided to write about low-cost flights from Norway!


Fra Oslo – Torp til Wrocław fra 47NOK!
Dato: 9. Jun. - 12. Jun. 2012

Pris før Wizz Xclusive Club: 48NOK, utan WXC - 138NOK!

Fra Oslo – Torp til Poznań fra 18NOK!
Dato: 10. Jul - 12. Jul 2012

 Pris før Wizz Xclusive Club - 18NOK, utan WXC - 48NOK!

Fra Oslo - Torp til Warszawa fra 78NOK!
Dato: 11. Jul - 12. Jul 2012

Pris før Wizz Xclusive Club - 78NOK, utan WXC - 178NOK!

You will flight for this price if you travel only with hand-luggage and pay by Citi Wizz Credit Card. If you don't have this card, I can help you to book this ticket free of charge.

If you are not a member of Wizz Xclusive Club, remember that sometimes it's cheaper to buy 2 tickets (for you and a person with WXC, even if this person won't travel) and ticket will be cheaper than 1 ticket for a person without WXC. Here I also can help you because I'm a member of Wizz Xclusive Club! :)

Discover Poland! God reise! :)

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